Educator Resources

The ARTx3 Campus is excited to offer educators resources including adaptable lesson plans, collaborative resources, educational field trips, on-site visits, professional development, and virtual exhibition tours.

To schedule a field trip or in-school visit, please contact Programs Director Shakeelah Rahmaan at or call 870-536-3375.

For more information on these resources, please contact Outreach Education Coordinator J. Tyler Lewis at or call 870-536-3375.


Voices & Votes: Democracy In America

ON EXHIBITION: Oct. 27-Dec. 8, 2023
This dynamic exhibition features historical and contemporary photos; educational and archival video; engaging multimedia interactives with short games and additional footage, photos, and information; and historical objects like campaign souvenirs, voter memorabilia, and protest materials.


Creating A Narrative From A Work Of Art

This activity is a fun and engaging way to have students interact with art and creativity through writing. It allows students to develop visual analysis skills as well as hone in their narrative writing skills.

Micrography Self-Portrait

An introduction to the artform Micrography.


Robotic Hand

Introduction to robotics and mechanical engineering.

Borax Crystal Science Project

Introduction To Atoms And Simple Molecules.

Lava Lamp

An introduction to liquid density and chemical reaction.

Air Pressure Science Experiment

Balloon In A Jar
An Introduction To Air Pressure.

Shadow Puppet

Introduction To Electrical Engineering And Mechanical Engineering In Shadow Puppet Construction

Rain Clouds In The Sky

Introduction To Rainfall And The Different Types Of Clouds.

Newton’s Cradle

An Introduction To Newton’s 3rd Law Of Motion And Momentum.


Prominent African Americans of Jefferson County

Selected resources on prominent African Americans of Jefferson County during the Era of Progressiveness. This resource sheet was provided in conjunction with a program by the Arkansas-based living history group, Voices in the Past, at the Crossroad Festival at ASC.

Primary Sources and The Desegregation of The University Of Arkansas School of Law

Introduction to using primary sources as a lens for examining race relations in America. This curriculum packet was provided in conjunction with a screening of the film I Am Not Your Negro. It is intended as a supplemental guide for educators to make regional connections to Southeast Arkansas’s history with the Civil Rights Movement and desegregation in higher education.


American Museum of Natural History

AMNH has a large list of resources. Scan through their lists for fun lesson plans and classroom activities, as well as educational resources for teachers who want to brush up on (or learn for the first time) some subjects they might not be too familiar with.

Arkansas History Hub

The mission of the Arkansas History Hub is to “improve the quality of Arkansas history education across the state by providing comprehensive access to online resources.” Maintained by the Roberts Library (a department of the Central Arkansas Library System), the Arkansas History Hub has a large database of lesson plans that can be navigated by grade level, era, and region. The website also showcases student-produced content, such as history projects and artwork.

Arkansas State Archives

The Arkansas State Archives is a great resource for researching historical records and archival collections. They also provide a number of robust lesson plans that align with state education standards.

Encyclopedia of Arkansas

The Encyclopedia of Arkansas, a project of the Central Arkansas Library System, has numerous articles on various aspects of Arkansas history and culture, including individuals, organizations, places, and more. At the bottom of each entry are links to additional sources, and some entries include corresponding teacher-created lesson plans.

Engineering is Elementary

Engineering is Elementary offers hands-on engineering lesson plans from the Museum of Science, Boston. These in-depth plans include outcomes and impacts for the students, NGSS standards, and easy-to-follow lessons. Each packet contains multiple sequential lessons; individual activities can easily be lifted out of the sequence and offered as stand-alone activities. There are plans designed for use in classrooms that you can purchase (EiE Curriculum), or plans for after-school programs that are free to download (Engineering Adventures). The after-school plans can easily be adapted for use in classrooms.

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media has a huge amount of resources, all easily navigable by grade level and subject as well as national and state standards. You will need to create an account to access their resources, which is quick, easy, and free.

Scholastic Teaching Tools

A well-developed and organized website that is full of free lesson and unit plans, and usually very high quality. The lesson plans (see “Lessons and Ideas” on the navigation column to the left) can be easily navigated based on grade level.

Science at Home for Kids

“Hi. My name is Julia, and I am a high school student from North Carolina. If you couldn’t tell, I am a big fan of science and science museums. In fact, I have logged over a hundred volunteer hours at my local science museum where I teach science to kids. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was unable to volunteer at my local science museum, and I wanted to find a new way to teach science to kids. So, I decided to start this website, in March 2020. On this website, I conduct science experiments that are easy to do with household supplies and provide step-by-step instructions and pictures that make it easy for kids to set up the experiment for themselves. I explain the science behind each at the end of the experiment. I hope these experiments inspire you to have some fun with your family and teach you some science in the process!”

Smithsonian Learning Lab

The Smithsonian Learning Lab is full of wonderful resources for a variety of grade levels and in a variety of subjects, a searchable database of resources, activity sheets, and professional development for educators. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and Science Education Center also have their own educator resources pages complete with lesson plans and online activities that can be adapted to your classroom.

Teachers Pay Teachers

This website features economically priced lesson plans and activity sheets that are by teachers, for teachers. It’s like Etsy for lesson plans! The content is mainly geared toward elementary-level teaching, and the products can be somewhat variable in terms of quality—use your own judgment.